Dead Sea DEEP SEA COSMETICS Dead Sea Vitalizing EYE COMPLEX Cream

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The fineness of the epidermis of the inner canthus of the eye reveals a zone that is strongly per fused by blood micro vessels. Everyone agrees that dark circles under the eyes are directly associated with the status of the underlying vascular network: slow microcirculation results in less oxygenated blood and hence a bluish / blackish appearance. This type of ring is due to local hyper pigmentation associated with cutaneous deposit of melanin or iron.

Vitalizing Eye Complex Cream by Deep Sea Cosmetics is formulated with the most advanced reparative technology to remedy the circles under the eyes available today, using Haloxyl™ and Soybean Protein for skin elasticity. In conjunction with Dead Sea minerals, Peptide complex and vitamins, it immediately penetrates the delicate area around your eyes, effectively locking in moisture and diminishing wrinkles and dark, puffy circles.

Set your sights on properly caring for your skin because once you do, you’ll soon see things in a whole new light.