D'iMYOOR Vitamin C Deep Peeling Gel with Caviar Extract Professionally Formulated Facial Exfoliator Removes Dirt, Makeup and Dead Skin Cells from Face

Brand: D'iMYOOR


  • - DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING: Washing your face with soap and water is not enough if you want to truly clean your skin. This facial peeling gel works by providing a deep and intensive cleaning action to remove dirt, oil and makeup residue from underneath of your neck and face skin.
  • -SPA QUALITY: This exfoliating peeling gel lets you enjoy a perfect spa treatment at the comfort of your home. Whenever your skin needs some pampering and TLC, just apply this exfoliating gel and experience the luxurious effect it offers.
  • - GENTLE TOUCH: Although this deep sea facial peeling gel is powerful in eliminating dirt and grime, it remains quite gentle to your skin. It offers the perfect balance of removing impurities while providing a soothing sensation at the same time.
  • - SMART FORMULA: With a combination of vitamin C, E, A, gold, and retinyl palmitate, among a few others, this body scrub exfoliator is indeed a powerhouse of essential components to renew and rejuvenate your skin cells skin without the nasty side effects. We'll gladly offer you a full refund or replacement in case of any dissatisfaction.

Publisher: Di'myoor



Repair and Rebuild

Does your skin seem dull, tired, and dry? It could be loaded with impurities and residue from makeup or
skin products that need to be removed. This is why this facial peeling gel helps in exfoliating your skin
to reveal a fresher and more youthful YOU just hiding underneath. With a gentle and effective formula
designed to address various issues, you can be sure that this exfoliating gel will offer a whiff of radiance
to your tired-looking skin. It contains vitamins A, C, E, and retinyl palmitate that remove dead skin cells
while promoting the growth of healthier cells over time.

Cleansing Hydration

A properly hydrated skin is smoother and softer to the touch – the envy of anyone who wishes to achieve
a younger-looking appearance. With regular use of this deep sea facial peeling gel, you can provide your
skin with ample nourishment and moisture it needs to attain total health that simply radiates on the outside.
Since this product works for all skin types whether it is dry, oily, sensitive, or combination, there are no
worries about irritation or damages. All you can get is a safe and effective spa-like facial treatment
transforming dull skin into a youthful kind of freshness that you have always dreamed of.

Experience the other benefits of this exfoliating scrub such as the following:

- Easy to apply and remove

- Cools and soothes tired or irritated skin

- Great for any skin type and complexion

- Zero harmful chemicals and no additives added

- No gritty or abrasive components added

Treat your skin to a gentle and effective formula that will reveal its hidden glow and radiance with this exfoliating gel.

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Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 4.8 x 3.0 inches