D'or 24K Vitamin C Concentrated Set

Brand: D'OR 24K


  • Contains: Cream, Mask, and Serum

Publisher: D'or 24K

Details: Vitamin C Cream Description: D'OR 24K Vitamin C Cream is designed for skin that is losing its youthful luminescence and radiance. This advanced anti-aging nighttime treatment works while you sleep to kick-start your skin's natural functions. Primarily a night cream, D'OR 24K Vitamin C Cream offers the ultimate support while the body is at rest, because nighttime is the perfect time to renew your skin. Vitamin C Mask Description: D'OR 24K Vitamin C Mask is an intensive anti-aging treatment that helps to improve the health of your skin as it smooths, exfoliates and evens out your skin tone. It restores your complection to its optimal vitality and radiance, especially when used in conjunction with D'OR 24K Vitamin C Night Cream and Vitamin C serum. Staying out of the sun or protecting your skin with sunscreen can reduce sun damage, exposure to pollution, and other causes of free radical damage. But if you have an active life and you enjoy outdoor activities, damage is unavoidable. You need a rich, creamy vitamin C mask to restore your skin's radiance. Vitamin C Serum Description: When your skin appears dull and lifeless, you need an intense infusion of vitamin C, 24 karat gold, collagen and other luxury ingredients. D'OR 24K's Vitamin C Serum will illuminate your face while eliminating the early signs of aging. The serum is a perfect complement to other products in the D'OR Vitamin C line, which work together to keep your skin looking great. Whether you have large pores, dull skin, or age spots, D'OR 24K's Vitamin C Serum can transform your skin. Even if you have breakouts or scars, the serum will fade affected areas and smooth both fine lines and wrinkles, as well as laugh lines and deep forehead wrinkles. What's more, your skin will appear brighter and healthier.

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