OROGOLD 24K Intensive Eye Serum for Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Puffiness - Anti Aging Serum For Youthful Looking Skin - Under Eye Skin Softening Serum - 50 ml. / 1.76 fl. Oz.

Brand: Orogold


  • ANTI-AGING EYE SERUM - This eye firming serum works to firm up the appearance of delicate skin around the eyes. This intensive serum helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and under eye circles.
  • CRUELTY FREE - This eye serum for wrinkles and dark circles is paraben free and not tested on animals. It contains gold to brighten the appearance of skin around your eye area and leaves it radiant.
  • TARGETS DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFINESS - Formulated with Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Vitamin C, this potent under eye serum targets puffy eyes, dull spots and sagging skin.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA - Formulated for dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin, this advanced eye serum offers an all-in-one solution to brighten and repair the look of delicate skin around your eyes.
  • PROTECTS AND REVIVES - An infusion of proteins, vitamins, organic extracts and Gold in this nourishing eye serum repair, renew and counteract the aging process.

Publisher: Orogold


You know it takes beauty to create beauty. Gold is one of the most valuable and prestigious metals in the world. It's the highest symbol of status, used for everything from finest jewelry to the most prized trophies and medals. That's why OROGOLD infuses its products with one of the world's most sought-after materials. We know that the key to achieving flawless beauty is flawless beauty. The OROGOLD 24K Intensive Eye Serum is the gold standard in every sense of the word, and we want to bring the perfection of gold to your skin care routine.

Gold is valuable in many ways. It can be used for currency, for craft, it has been used in medicine, and it is now finding its way into skin care products as well. Gold has been associated with brightening your appearance and making you feel extra-special, but that's not the only thing that make our serums so effective.

These eye serums also contain palmitoyl oligopeptide and sodium hyaluronate to help boost production of collagen, green tea and aloe vera allow skin to achieve a wrinkle-free appearance, and ascorbic acid for skin brightening.

We know the importance of using the highest-quality ingredients to yield the highest quality results. We give you the gold standard because, for us, the gold standard is the only standard we trust, and the only one we think our customers deserve.

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